New Lenovo PCs

As a Lenovo Certified Business Partner, we offer a complete line of high quality hardware components, Servers, PCs, monitors, workstations, laptops, and all peripherals are stocked or available by special order within a matter of days.

Network Design

If your computer network is suffering from growing pains and just cannot keep up with increased traffic like it did when first installed, talk with us about your current situation. We offer many different solutions in all network environments. Let us help you with your network needs.

Network Security
How safe is your business behind that $40.00 firewall you have installed? Many of our new business clients had never been told what a firewall does for them. Most saw their firewalls as a device only to share their internet. In reality, it does much more with it main purpose being to provide security for the network. We are partners with Fortinet which provide Enterprise security through Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW).


Cofex Computing is able to sell, install, and setup a new server or upgrade and repair your server. We offer new server setups as well as old server checkups and maintenance. Don't forget about that old server in your business, in many cases, it is the beating heart of your organization. Make sure you keep it healthy!